Interface Statistiken und Counter auf Fortigate anzeigen

Befehle zum Anzeigen von Interface Statistiken und Countern, die im Webinterface nicht ersichtlich sind:

FORTIGATE $ diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic wan1
Description :FortiASIC NP6LITE Adapter
Driver Name :FortiASIC NP6LITE Driver
Board :60E
lif id :0
lif oid :64
netdev oid :64
Current_HWaddr 00:09:0f:09:00:0b
Permanent_HWaddr 90:6c:ac:83:03:0c
========== Link Status ==========
Admin :up
netdev status :up
link_setting :1
speed_setting :10
duplex_setting :0
Speed :1000
Duplex :Full
link_status :Up
============ Counters ===========
Rx Pkts :36428274
Rx Bytes :6792635983
Tx Pkts :29185072
Tx Bytes :6688201216
Host Rx Pkts :10311110
Host Rx Bytes :926889908
Host Tx Pkts :762663
Host Tx Bytes :485948600
Host Tx dropped :0


FORTIGATE $ diagnose netlink interface list wan1
if=wan1 family=00 type=1 index=3 mtu=1500 link=0 master=0
ref=23 state=off start fw_flags=0 flags=up broadcast run promsic allmulti multicast
Qdisc=mq hw_addr=00:09:0f:09:00:0b broadcast_addr=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
stat: rxp=37609605 txp=30368016 rxb=7052881542 txb=6949493299 rxe=0 txe=0 rxd=175071 txd=0 mc=0 collision=0
re: rxl=0 rxo=0 rxc=0 rxf=0 rxfi=0 rxm=0
te: txa=0 txc=0 txfi=0 txh=0 txw=0
misc rxc=0 txc=0
input_type=0 state=3 arp_entry=0 refcnt=23

rxe/txe = Errors
rxd/txd = Drops

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